Professional Drone Services

Fully Licensed Drone Specialists and Video Production based in Somerset UK

CAA-Approved Drone Pilots, Legally Permitted & Insured for Commercial Flights

We help media agencies, marketing teams, production companies and local businesses by providing premier drone film, photo & surveying services even when deadlines are tight.

Horizon Drone Services are Taunton, Somerset based CAA-certified drone pilots, filmmakers, photographers and digital content creators – we’re the complete aerial package. Not only do we create unique visual experiences for you we can help you showcase these in the best possible way. Through our passion of technology, drones, collaboration, and delivering an exceptional service we provide clients with boundary-pushing aerial filming, drone photography and inspection services.

What we do

Drone Filming

The possibilities here are endless and no two projects are the same. From chasing cars to filming hidden landscapes, drone filming can take you to new places and those places that were previously hard to reach.

Aerial Photography

Stunning shots, unique perspectives and access previously impossible to reach camera positions. All of this, without the cost and complication of planes and helicopters.


Capturing great, raw, video material is one thing – making it into something you can use is another. We can help create and get your content online or wherever you need it to be.

Tomorrow is our reward for working safely today

Pre-Arrival & On-Site Surveys

First of all, a detailed Operational Planning and Assessment Form is completed for every Job I do. Because every job is unique, this therefor determines both the feasibility and safety of the Operation.

Risk Assessments

Most importantly, throughout all aspects of Horizon Drone Services operations, risks must be identified and assessed. As a result, operations can only commence if the risk is as low as reasonably possible.

Airspace Analysis

Because Air Safety is paramount, Airspace charts, NOTAM’s (aviation warnings / notifications), satellite imagery and maps are all consulted prior to any job. This subsequently ensures hazards are identified well in advance of an operation.

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